More than 100 cats rescued from hoarding situation in Crosby

More than 100 cats rescued from hoarding situation in Crosby

More than 100 cats rescued from hoarding situation in Crosby

Crosby police are investigating a case of animal cruelty after more than 100 cats were found in a home in poor living conditions.

“I’ve worked with the Tri-County Humane Society for 20 years, and our shelter has never seen anything like this,” said Marit Ortega, the animal shelter’s executive director.

There is a flurry of felines keeping the Tri-County Humane Society busy.

“We’re glad to have them here where they have access to fresh food, water and shelter,” Ortega said.

According to investigators, that wasn’t always the case.

Last Thursday afternoon, the Crosby Police Department executed a search warrant at a home on reports of animal cruelty, neglect, hoarding and unsafe living conditions.

The Minnesota Federated Humane Society was there to help.

Police say a total of 102 cats were found and safely removed from the home and 94 of them moved into the St. Cloud shelter.

“Some were underweight, some looked normal and rather healthy. The condition of each one is different. There’s a number of them with upper respiratory infections,” Ortega said. “There are some kittens, too.”

Ortega said all of the cats had fleas. Staff also found microchips from previous owners.

“I think they’re in really good hands right now. It’s going to be great outcomes for all of them,” Ortega said.

The Humane Society has been fielding a flood of calls with interest to adopt since the incident happened.

Minnesotans walked through the shelter, hoping to take a cat off their hands to give them the home they deserve.

“We’re going to be finding them loving homes if they’re not reunited with their previous owners,” Ortega said.

Humane Society staff said they already reunited two cats with their families.

If you’re missing a cat from the Crosby area within the past 10 years, contact the Tri-County Humane Society at 320-252-0896.

The Humane Society is also accepting litter and cat food donations.