Minnetonka residents to consider repealing ranked choice voting

Ballot to repeal ranked choice voting in Minnetonka

Ballot to repeal ranked choice voting in Minnetonka

Minnetonka residents will vote this November on whether or not to continue using ranked choice voting.

Ranked choice voting passed in the city in 2020, with 55% of residents voting for it.

But now some residents want to repeal that decision.

“We hope we can repeal ranked choice voting and go back to general elections,” said Ann Aanestad of Yes 2 Repeal RCV in Minnetonka.

Aanestad said the group got over 1,800 signatures, over 1,500 of them verified, to repeal ranked choice voting.

Those who support repealing ranked choice voting say it is confusing and expensive.

Those who support keeping it say it is easy to rank candidates, it eliminates the need for expensive primaries and attracts more candidates.

“On our first ranked-choice voting election which was 2021 the mayor was up and two at-large seats and between those three races we had 12 candidates,” said resident Barb Westmoreland.

While the two sides disagree on ranked choice voting, they came to an agreement on the final language for the ballot question.

“This is an amazing moment in history because we have people on opposite sides of an issue agreeing on the terminology,” said Minnetonka Mayor Brad Wiersum.