Minnesotans are ‘on track’ with Easter celebrations

Minnesotans celebrated Easter Weekend by hopping on the bunny train at the Minnesota Transportation Museum on Saturday.

“It was a good time. It was fun. Easter bunny was on there. We got some treats,” Gloria Olson, a patron, said.

Olson’s family was one of hundreds that hopped aboard the bunny train.

“Cute little train,” Riva Wendt, another patron, said. “It just went back and forth and they gave us little Easter marshmallows and lemonade.”

The historic railcar was decorated with all the Easter bells and whistles. Passengers took a 15-minute ride on the train with the Easter Bunny.

The Minnesota Transportation Museum’s festivities stopped in its tracks when COVID-19 hit.

This is the first time in years volunteers could welcome back patrons on Easter weekend.

“We’re really happy to see things have gotten better to the point where we can have the people back because this is really a great family destination,” Dave Hartje, Minnesota Transportation Museum representative, said.

Last year, most Easter egg hunts were put on pause, but this year the bunny is back.

The Minnesota Transportation Museum is open to the public on Wednesdays and Saturdays.