Minnesota State Patrol aiming to recruit troopers at a younger age

Minnesota State Patrol aiming to recruit troopers at a younger age

Minnesota State Patrol aiming to recruit troopers at a younger age

The Minnesota State Patrol is trying a new approach to recruit more troopers at a young age to join the force.

The state patrol set up a recruiting booth at the Minnesota State High School League Girls Volleyball Tournament.

The goal is to spark the interest of young people. It also helps the patrol’s efforts to recruit more women through the 30×30 initiative.

At the recruiting booth, high schoolers strapped on a pair of impairment goggles to see what it’s like to function under the influence.

Being a state patrol trooper could stop driving under the influence from happening in the real world.

“I’ve never thought about it, but it’s cool to see a new perspective,” said high school student Stella Werry.

The state patrol wanted to try a new approach and target potential troopers at a young age. 

“We found both internal and external interviews that people really decide what they want to do when they start talking about it in high school,” said Lt. Col. Christina Bogojevic with Minnesota State Patrol.

Thousands of high schoolers are passing this booth in the Xcel Energy Center as they cheer on their favorite volleyball team.

It’s a sport that brings out similar qualities as a trooper.

“The girls down there are playing on a team. With law enforcement in general, it’s a team with those we work with and those we serve,” Bogojevic said.

“It’s challenging. I don’t think it’s out of reach for anyone and it takes a lot of self-confidence,” Megan Brynell, Minnesota State Patrol trooper, said.

Brynell had the confidence to be a state trooper at a young age.

She said introducing teens to this career choice now could help recruiting efforts later.

“If you’ve got a slight bit of interest, it’s worth stopping by,” Brynell said.

The Minnesota State Patrol plans to be at the Xcel Energy Center for the entire volleyball tournament until Saturday. The booth is located near the food court.