Minneapolis to allow Islamic call to prayer 5 times per day

Call to prayer changes in Minneapolis

Call to prayer changes in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis City Council approved a noise ordinance change that will allow the Islamic call to prayer to be broadcasted from speakers in Minneapolis for all five daily prayers.

This vote made history, marking the first time a major city has allowed that number of prayers to be broadcast in one day.

Religious leaders explained the fact it’s happening during Ramadan makes it even more special for the Muslim community, and they’re hoping other cities across the country follow suit.

Minneapolis mosques will fall into a new rhythm after the council voted to change a noise ordinance.

“For something this historic to go this easy is an incredibly powerful and a testament of who we are in the city of Minneapolis,” Jaylani Hussein, the executive director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN), said.

The newly passed ordinance expands the number of times a mosque can play a call to prayer on a loudspeaker from three or four times per day to five, year-round.

With the prior ordinance, morning and sometimes evening prayers were excluded when Muslims pray five times per day.

“It is really important for the city to approach all issues from a lens of ensuring equal access for all people,” Aisha Chughtai, a Minneapolis City Council member, said in a Thursday meeting.

The ordinance was authored by Chughtai in collaboration with two other council members, who all make up the Muslim Caucus.

“I think it just adds to the fabric of who we are here in the city of Minneapolis — that Muslims are a part of the community and they live here,” Hussein said.

There are plans for Mayor Jacob Frey to give the ordinance the final stamp of approval on Monday.