Minneapolis Public Schools ‘witnessing the impact of fentanyl’

Minneapolis Public Schools ‘witnessing the impact of fentanyl’

Minneapolis Public Schools ‘witnessing the impact of fentanyl’

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS obtained an internal security report which showed a student was discovered “smoking fentanyl inside a bathroom” at Minneapolis South High School on Nov. 15.

KSTP is protecting the identity of a South High School employee who said the November security report is not an isolated incident.

“Without question, other staff members and employees have witnessed or been told about the use of fentanyl,” said the employee. 

When asked if South High’s administration had notified parents of the fentanyl incidents, the employee said, “Not to my knowledge no.”

The employee said MPS employees are required under state law to report safety issues like the use of fentanyl to school district administrators.

“We’re supposed to protect children given that it’s one of the most addictive, deadly narcotics in the history of humankind for a child and it should be reported,” said the employee.

KSTP asked Minneapolis Public Schools for an interview, but a spokesperson issued this statement instead:

“Incident Reports are internal documents and we want to respect student privacy. MPS like so many other institutions is unfortunately witnessing the impact of fentanyl. Maintaining a safe and secure learning environment at our schools is a top priority. This year we budgeted for two additional drug and alcohol counselors in order to help support our students and their families who may be struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.”

KSTP has requested more detailed information about the fentanyl issue in MPS schools and will share that information when it becomes available.