Minneapolis police investigating 3 overnight gunfire incidents

The Minneapolis Police Department is investigating three gun violence-related incidents early Saturday morning, two of which happened at nearly the same time just one block apart.

Police say officers responded to two incidents just before 2:30 a.m. at the edge of the Warehouse District in Central Minneapolis.

At 2:28 a.m., patrolling officers went on foot to the 500 block of Hennepin Avenue after they heard multiple gunshots from a nearby parking lot.

Officers say they heard more gunshots as they got closer, as well as sounds from bullets passing close by them.

Early police information suggests an argument escalated into gunfire.

Individuals police say could be connected to the gunshots rushed out of the parking lot in at least two vehicles, hitting other vehicles on their way out. Officers say they lost one of the vehicles in pursuit, but found that vehicle with one person inside shortly after. The person was identified then let go.

While officers were dealing with the incident down the street, police responded to a report of someone with a gun at 2:29 a.m. on the 400 block of Hennepin Avenue.

Police say an officer saw an argument start between two men, one of which was believed to have a gun.

The two men then started struggling over a fanny pack worn by the man believed to have a gun, and the officer rushed toward the men.

Police say one of the men pulled a gun from the fanny pack, so the officer grabbed his wrist and forced it to the ground. The suspect then pulled the trigger and fired a shot, but the officer got the gun away from the suspect without injury. The man who fired the shot fled.

More officers who were called to assist found and arrested the man with the fanny pack. Police are still searching for the man who fled.

Earlier in the morning, officers responded to a shooting on the 2400 block of 17th Avenue South that resulted in one man being taken to the hospital.

Police say they found a man in his 40s with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds he sustained while driving.

Two suspects approached the man’s vehicle and demanded at gunpoint that he stop driving, then shot the man when he continued to drive, according to early police information.

Minneapolis police are investigating all three incidents. Police did not say if they believe any of the three incidents are connected. No further information has been provided about suspects involved.