Minneapolis Police Conduct Oversight Commission could soon recommend unsealing specific police complaints

The Minneapolis Police Conduct Oversight Commission (MPCOC) has moved one step closer toward recommending the opening of sealed police complaints where the complaints were sustained, but the officers received "coaching corrections" and not more serious disciplinary measures.

MPCOC Commissioner, Abigail Cerra, told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS she thinks the sustained complaints, with "coaching corrections," are a form of structured, and procedural discipline with a lot of investigation that the public should see.

"In order to have transparency and restore faith in our oversight, we really need to have this data be public," said Cerra. "We really need to know what’s happening in MPD in terms of what happens with a complaint and what type of discipline is being imposed."

The Executive Board of the Minneapolis Police Officers Federation issued a statement that said, "six people were shot Monday, a 17-year-old girl was murdered and Minneapolis leadership is fixated on transparency in minor coaching corrections of their police officers. This epitomizes what is wrong with Minneapolis leadership."

The Minneapolis Police Conduct Oversight Commission subcommittee approved the proposed recommendation, and the full commission will take up the issues at its next meeting on Sept. 8.