‘Minneapolis Momentum’ campaign looks to attract visitors through positive stories

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Minneapolis businesses are launching a new effort to encourage people to visit the city by sharing positive stories.

The “Minneapolis Momentum” campaign includes biweekly newsletters summarizing positive stores about the city sent by business owners, workers and residents.

Campaign partners include Greater Minneapolis Building Owners & Manager Association, Greater Minneapolis Hotel Association, Greater MSP, Hennepin Theatre Trust, Meet Minneapolis, Minneapolis Downtown Council and the Minneapolis Regional Chamber.

“We’ve seen the city go through ups and downs, but it’s coming up. It really is,” Minneapolis resident Patrick Walker said. “It’s such a great city. It’s underrated.”

Some say Minneapolis lost its sparkle as unrest swept through the city two years ago, but there’s still a glimmer of hope.

“It’s always nice for me. I’ve always had great experiences. I like to catch the theater, go out and have a nice lunch or brunch,” Minneapolis native Kendrea Dickson said.

A group of Minneapolis businesses are teaming up to push more people to visit the city.

“From the workers to the events to all of the new businesses that have opened up, I really do want people to come and experience it and be a part of that energy,” said Courtney Ries, Meet Minneapolis senior vice president of destination branding and strategy. “Come back to Minneapolis and come explore one of the neighborhoods. Go to a brewery in Northeast or go walk around the lakes in south Minneapolis.”

On the new platform, Minneapolis Momentum, people who spend time dining, shopping or exploring the city can write about their experiences online.

The team will choose one entry per day, and those stories will fly high in Minneapolis on a billboard. Winners will also walk away with prizes.

“We’re hoping to show, ‘Hey, it’s your friends, it’s your neighbors in your suburban community. Look at their faces on a billboard. Look at the experience that they’re having. They did it. This is something that I can do too,’” Ries said.

Some out-of-towners caught their first glimpse of the city this weekend.

“It’s just been vibes and a good time here so far,” Minneapolis visitor Zack Ali said.

“I’m here for a conference and I’m guiding people along to some of our symposia, and they’re telling me to be careful and it’s not something that I’m used to in Toronto,” visitor Robert Di Lorenzo said.

Those who live in Minneapolis say the city is headed in the right direction.

“Take a chance and it’s always fun. You’re going to have a good time,” Minneapolis resident Bradley Gorder said.

Minneapolis Momentum leaders say the billboards should be up and running on Tuesday.