Minneapolis mayor discusses vision for new MPD 3rd Precinct site ahead of city council meeting

Minneapolis mayor discusses vision for new third precinct site

Minneapolis mayor discusses vision for new third precinct site

Instead of calling it the 3rd Precinct, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey says he plans to call the new police station the community safety center.

Earlier this month, the mayor urged members of the Minneapolis City Council to move forward with putting the new safety center down the block from the precinct’s former home.

His plan would put it at 2600 Minnehaha Ave in south Minneapolis, a spot that is currently an empty lot that’s owned by the city. Frey says that will save the city money.

According to the mayor, the estimated cost for the new construction of the 16,000-square-foot building and parking complex is between $35 million to $40.5 million.

The former 3rd Precinct building burned back in 2020 during the civil unrest surrounding George Floyd’s murder. The decision was made not to reopen in that same location, as residents who were surveyed wanted a new location, and a majority of the city council did as well.

A day before the council is set to take action on the plan, Frey says it’s time the city council makes a tough choice.

“I understand these decisions are controversial. I fully understand, regardless of what decision we make, there will be people that are pissed off, and still, we need to make a decision. People in the 3rd Precinct need service.”

However, at least one council member is pushing back. Minneapolis council member Robin Wonsley says residents have already made it clear that they are opposed to that location for the site of a new police precinct.

“Overall response to options Mayor Frey put forward, just shy of 2,000 residents voted no against Minnehaha Ave,” Wonsley said. “There’s a lot of confusion as to why Mayor Frey is moving forward with a site, where thousands of residents made very clear . . . they cried, talked about their trauma, and this is not what we need.”