Minneapolis man charged after firing gun outside bar

Court documents state that two Minneapolis police officers were “in the line of fire” of a shooting incident near NOLO’s Kitchen and Bar early Sunday morning.

Charges say that 24-year-old Josiah Ferguson fired a gun at a man who was running toward a pair of police officers in an attempt to get help.

The incident began as an altercation where Ferguson’s co-defendant was grappling with a victim when a shot was fired through a front window of NOLO’s. The co-defendant and victim both produced firearms during the struggle.

Ferguson then ran to join his co-defendant, who pointed out a second man to Ferguson.

At this moment, Ferguson fired several shots at the second victim that responding officers were able to hear.

The officers then saw the victim running toward them yelling “they’re shooting at me” and saw Ferguson aim and fire his gun at the victim again.

Police say that the two responding officers and a car full of bystanders were behind the victim and “in the line of fire” but no one was hit.

The officers chased Ferguson and his co-defendant into an alley where they were taken into custody.

Both men arrested dropped firearms on the ground when confronted by police.

Ferguson was booked into the Hennepin County Jail and has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

The co-defendant was found to have a gunshot wound to his armpit and transported to the hospital.

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