Minn. senator wants NCAA investigation after weight room tweet goes viral, U of M coach Whalen reacts

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They are tremendous college athletes who have spent years perfecting their craft, with the hope of making it to the NCAA tournament, and March Madness.

"That’s their dream, that’s their dream, they worked hard to get there playing high school and AAU, they want to get there," said University of Minnesota Women’s Basketball Coach Lindsay Whalen.

Yet it was at the NCAA tournament where Oregon Duck’s player Sedona Prince revealed the stark contrast between amenities for female athletes, versus their male counterparts.

"This is our weight room, now let me show you the men’s weight room," her social media post explained.

"Obviously, it was pretty glaring, a little shocking," Whalen said.

But for Whalen, who played in college and in the pros, it’s nothing new.

"This is not something that is ‘Oh, I can’t believe this happened,’ these are things that have been happening with women sports for years," she explained.

Whalen says unlike when she played, young athletes today are sharing and speaking up.

"It’s such a cool opportunity, a cool time that these players have taken such a stand for what’s right," she said.

Minnesota Sen. Tina Smith is so appalled, she’s calling for an investigation into the NCAA.

"I want to see the NCAA live up to the promise of Title IX, which is women’s and men’s sports and women’s and mens athletes be treated fairly," Smith said.

Whalen said she has a message for young girls who have seen or heard about the social media post

"You matter. And there are players, coaches and administrators out there that are fighting for you," she said. "And we just got to keep working together."

She says supporting these athletes by watching their games on TV, buying tickets to see them play, and calling out what’s not right is what will make a difference.

"There is power in me and you talking, a couple of kids, young girls from Minnesota and now women who are continuing to work together toward making change," she said.