Midtown Global Market terminates Holy Land's lease after racist social media posts resurface

A Mediterranean restaurant and grocery store in Minneapolis has been closed in Midtown Global Market after old social media posts with racial slurs resurfaced.

Midtown Global Market said it is exercising its rights as landlord to immediately close Holy Land Grocery, Butcher Shop & Deli and terminate their lease.

"The comments on those posts do NOT in any way reflect those of the Midtown Global Market. In fact, they are in direct opposition to the reason Midtown Global Market was created and opened in 2006: to be a shared community space and cultural center that celebrates the diversity of its business owners, guests and visitors," Midtown Global Market said in part. "In no way, does Midtown Global Market tolerate any words, actions, or activity that do not support our global community."

Earlier in the day, Holy Land's CEO, Majdi Wadi, posted a statement to customers on the company's Facebook page apologizing and saying the employee who authored the posts, the CEO's own daughter, had been fired.

"Not only as a CEO, but as a father, it is my duty and responsibility to ensure my family and Holy Land team members all demonstrate high integrity and moral compass guidelines," the company's post said in part.

"To all our brothers and sisters who have been affected, we deeply and sincerely apologize for the senseless slurs that were posted to social media. We hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive us," it added.