MDH: 7 newly reported COVID-19 deaths, 201 current hospitalizations

Monday, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) reported:

  • 7 new deaths from COVID-19

*Data posted on Monday represents data as of 4 a.m. on Friday. Of the deaths reported Monday, MDH says three are from April 2022, two from March 2022, one from February 2022 and one from January 2022.

MDH also reported the following data regarding hospital capacity**:

  • 978 ICU, non-COVID beds in use for adult and pediatric patients
  • 31 ICU, COVID beds in use for adult and pediatric patients
  • 6,407 non-ICU, non-COVID beds in use for adult and pediatric patients
  • 170 non-ICU, COVID beds in use for adult and pediatric patients

**For this data set, MDH defines COVID beds in use as being “the number of patients who are currently positive with COVID-19 occupying a staffed inpatient bed in Minnesota. This does not include patients that were once positive but are now negative.”

Additionally, MDH said:

  • 9.58 million COVID-19 vaccinations have been administered
  • 2.20 million third-dose and booster shots have been administered
  • 3.69 million people have completed the vaccine series
  • 2.55 million people up to date with vaccine doses
  • 74.8% of those 5 and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine

As of Monday, MDH also reported:

  • 381,407 total breakthrough cases, accounting for 10.414% of fully vaccinated Minnesotans
  • 10,789 total breakthrough hospitalizations, accounting for 0.295% of fully vaccinated Minnesotans
  • 2,007 breakthrough deaths, accounting for 0.055% of fully vaccinated Minnesotans

View the complete update via the interactive infographic below or here.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported, as of Monday, five counties in Minnesota remained at a high level of COVID-19 community transmission. Another 19 counties are considered at a substantial spread, while five are listed as having low transmission. All other counties are listed by the CDC as having moderate spread.

View the complete update via the interactive map below or here.

The map below displays data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as it pertains to community transmission levels. Courtesy: CDC
According to the CDC, counties in red have a high level of community transmission, in orange have a substantial level, in yellow have a moderate level and in blue have a low level.