Man who survived being pinned under tree for 4 days in Redwood County now in ‘satisfactory condition’

A man who survived after being pinned under a tree for four days is continuing to heal.

In an update Friday, 59-year-old Jonathan Ceplecha was listed as being in satisfactory condition at Hennepin Healthcare.

Authorities said Ceplecha was using a chainsaw to cut into a tree when it fell and pinned both his legs.

First responders who arrived at the scene Monday learned Ceplecha had been pinned under the tree since Aug. 27.

Sheriff: Man survives after being pinned under tree for 4 days in Redwood County

According to a GoFundMe established by a relative, Ceplecha survived by eating plants and insects within arm’s reach and drank rainwater and sweat that collected in his clothing.

"As someone of a heavy faith, he prayed to himself often, and tried to distract himself from panic by meditating and inventing rhythms to follow from dawn to dusk," the GoFundMe states.

Although both of Ceplecha’s legs were broken, the GoFundMe states it is likely they will heal, "but he faces a long road to full physical recovery."

"He is a true survivor, in every sense of the word," the GoFundMe states. "He is also an Army veteran, a teacher and a proud father."