Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World on hold for 7-year old Waconia boy due to COVID-19 pandemic

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A little boy has had his big dream postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He was supposed to be headed to Disney World this week to fulfill his Make-A-Wish. Instead, he will have to wait.

Seven-year-old Vinny has a rare congenital disorder. 

"It's like a protein disorder in a sense when his cells were building; they were missing antennas, so we are having deficiencies everywhere," Matt Skaro, Vinny's dad, said. "It causes his body temperature to fluctuate. He also has epilepsy."

"He needs to be monitored 24/7, there’s just no way around that," Skaro adds.

The family learned last summer they were selected for a Make-A-Wish trip. But at the time, Matt Skaro was deployed with the 934th Airlift Wing, so the trip was scheduled for next week.

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"It was probably within the last week or so we got an email saying it’s been postponed indefinitely," Skaro said. "We don’t know when or if it ends up getting changed, if it ends up getting canceled."

According to its website, Make-A-Wish has postponed all wish travel, estimating 30 wishes per day are being delayed due to COVID-19.

Vinny said he was sad when he first heard the news, but his focus quickly changed to other kids waiting their turn.

"He’s always thinking of other people, so he’s thinking if 'I can’t go, can I make sure another kid goes, can I do something differently,' he’s always worried about everybody else," his dad said.

This Star Wars family spent May 4 at Disney World several years ago.

"It was a magical time, it was amazing," Skaro said. Good memories they were hoping to relive.

"If he's still healthy next year, maybe we can go next year," he adds.

But Vinny's community of Waconia is stepping up, planning a drive-by surprise for him since he can't be at Disney World this year.

"I think it would be awesome to take a walk down to the park and see kids with the lightsabers walking in their Jedi robes and stuff like that," Skaro said. "We just want people to enjoy themselves."