Local nonprofits team up for holiday shopping spree

Local nonprofits team up for holiday shopping spree

Local nonprofits team up for holiday shopping spree

Three local nonprofits are coming together to spread some holiday cheer.

The Sanneh Foundation, The JK Movement and Change Starts With Me spent Wednesday morning loading up shopping carts with toys for kids in need.

Now, the organizations say they’re planning to give the toys away to hundreds of families in the Twin Cities metro and bring smiles to those in need.

“This is just a small gesture to let our babies and families know that we appreciate them and love them, and that they can enjoy this Christmas spirit or holiday spirit,” Johnny Allen, founder of The JK Movement, said.

Allen and Justin Hall, one of the board members of Change Starts With Me, met each other through college football and always wanted to serve together. Then, after meeting Tony Sanneh, Hall said he realized how beneficial a partnership could be.

“To see how much good they’re doing throughout all of the Twin Cities, it just made the most sense for Change Starts With Me to team up with those fine men,” Hall said.

The three say the toys will be given away at two different events. The JK Movement will hand out toys on Dec. 16 while The Sanneh Foundation and Change Starts With Me will distribute them on Dec. 19.

“One plus one can’t equal three, and in this case it does. We’ve got a lot of carts and a lot of kids, and it’s just a good example of together we can do more,” Sanneh said.

And together, they’re hoping to help more kids have a happy holiday.

“We’re organic in our relationship with our babies and community, and we want them to thrive just like any other,” Allen said.

“We want all the kids to feel that same joy and wonder, and that’s the mission today,” Hall added.