Latest round of snow, cold temperatures excites anglers

Latest round of snow, cold temperatures excite anglers

Many Minnesotans have been anxiously waiting for winter weather to hit, and - finally - more snow fell on Tuesday morning, giving anglers excitement.

Many Minnesotans — OK, at least some — have been anxiously waiting for winter weather to hit, and they finally got their wish on Tuesday morning.

At Black Lake in Mound, dozens of ice houses can be found on the ice in the afternoon since it’s smaller in size and freezes over faster. The lake has enough ice to walk on, but more and more lakes could finally ice over soon for winter sports enthusiasts.

“Usually around this time, we’d be driving cars on the lake already, but this year, the weather it’s pretty sketchy,” said angler Vichai Thao. “So, we do the hard work out dragging out by foot, it’s a good exercise, that’s a good thing.”

A dusting of snow fell in a few spots across the Twin Cities metro on Tuesday morning, but the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says that small amount actually helps the lakes freeze over. The agency also wants to remind people to check the ice when continuing on a lake to make sure it’s thick enough.

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“When there’s a lot of snow, it really slows down the formation of ice underneath, so if you want to get strong ice and you want it to build fast, lack of snow will allow the ice to form faster,” said Nicole Biagi, the DNR’s ice safety coordinator.

The DNR’s guidelines for thickness of new and clear ice are as follows:

  • 4 inches to walk on;
  • 5-7 inches for a snowmobile;
  • 9-10 inches for a small car or SUV;
  • 11-12 inches for a medium SUV or small truck;
  • 13 inches for a medium truck;
  • 16-17 inches for a truck;
  • 20+ inches for a large truck with a wheelhouse shelter.

CLICK HERE for additional information on ice thickness if you plan to be stationary on the ice or leave your vehicle parked on the ice for at least two hours.

When conditions allow for vehicles to be driven on the ice this winter, the DNR reminds you to keep your distance from other vehicles.

The latest seven-day forecast from Minnesota’s Weather Authority shows additional snow chances are possible throughout the week. Temperatures will drop from the 30s on Tuesday to the teens and single digits above zero by the weekend. Overnight temperatures are forecasted to be below zero on Sunday.

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