Large group of 'unruly' individuals at Lake George County Park in Anoka County dispersed by tear gas

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A large group of "unruly" individuals was dispersed with the assistance of tear gas at a park in Anoka County.

According to a release from the Anoka County Sheriff's Office, at 3:57 p.m. Friday, Anoka County Sheriff's Office deputies were dispatched to Lake George County Park in Oak Grove to respond to a large group of people in the beach area who had become "unruly."

When deputies arrived they observed approximately 200 people in the beach area and multiple fights breaking out in different areas of the park. Assistance was requested from other law enforcement in the area to help disperse the group and close the park.

Deputies then began asking people in the park to disperse however some people remained in the park and told deputies that they would not leave. 

Reports were also received about a man with a gun in the crowd and that people had begun to climb the roof of a bathroom building in the park. 

Law enforcement deployed a smoke canister in the area and some of the crowd dispersed however many refused to leave. Tear gas was then deployed and the rest of the crowd dispersed.

Medical personnel were on hand to treat any injuries. It is believed that only one person sought medical assistance after the event and that they were not transported to the hospital.

No one is currently in custody regarding this incident and the park will be closed through the weekend.