Lake Street Target to reopen in mid-November

Efforts to rebuild the Target on Lake Street in Minneapolis are underway, with plans to reopen the store in mid-November, the company announced Thursday.

In an update, Cephas Williams Jr., the group vice president for Target, said the Minneapolis-based retailer has partnered with Noor Companies, a local and Black woman-owned general contractor and developer to lead the rebuild. Additionally, Williams said the company has hired local subcontractors and have requested ConstructReach, a company that "introduces young, diverse talent to the construction industry," to help with the rebuild.

Meanwhile, while the rebuilding takes place, Williams said Target has partnered with Lake Street nonprofits, including the YMCA, to provide food and other essentials to those in the area who need them. The company has also allocated $1 million in grants for small business recovery and rebuilding, to go toward organizations such as the African Economic Development Solutions, the Latino Economic Development Center, the Neighborhood Development Center and the Lake Street Council. Target is also providing pro-bono consulting services for BIPOC-owned businesses in the Twin Cities to help with their rebuilding efforts.

"There’s no doubt we have work to do—both inside and outside Target," Williams said in a statement. "Looking ahead, I know we have opportunities to drive lasting change, and I have hope."

Target plans to increase Black workforce by 20% over next 3 years

With plans to reopen in mid-November, Williams said this effort will be "one of the fastest rebuilds of a Target store ever."