Kueng’s attorney asks judge to include, exclude questions relating to Chauvin trial for potential jury members

The attorney representing former Minneapolis police officer J Alexander Kueng has filed a letter asking the judge to include and exclude specific questions regarding the Derek Chauvin trial for potential jurors.

Thomas Plunkett filed the letter on Friday in Hennepin County Court, addressing Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill in the request.

The defense has asked the court to include the following questions:

  • By what means did you take in information about the trial of Derek Chauvin?
  • What portions of the Derek Chauvin trial did you observe?
  • Which witnesses or pieces of evidence from the Derek Chauvin trial do you recall?
  • What are your thoughts or concerns about defunding the Minneapolis Police Department?

In addition to the proposed questions, the defense is also asking to address some questions which are expected to be asked. One question Plunkett points out is Part I Question 10, which reads as follows:

"No matter what you have heard or seen about this case, and no matter what opinions you might have formed, can you put all of that aside and decide the case on only on the evidence you receive in court, follow the law, and decide the case in a fair and impartial manner."

Kueng’s attorney is rejecting the language, stating the "wording and emphasis" given in the question "indoctrinates a potential juror against sharing or acknowledging their bias." They also claim that the "effect of this question is to shame a juror into agreeing they will put bias aside without making an honest examination of the bias and the process of doing so."

To see the full letter submitted on Friday, click here.