Jail records show a majority of those arrested during unrest, riots in the Twin Cities are Minnesotans

While state and local officials claim many of those arrested following civil unrest in the Twin Cities area are from out of town, jail records show that a majority of those arrested are Minnesotans

In St. Paul, there have been 18 civil unrest arrests from Thursday through Saturday morning.

Thirteen of those 18 arrests were commercial burglary arrests, four were possession of burglary tool arrests, one was a combination of a burglary tool and firearm possession arrest.

Of the 18 arrests, four were people from out of state and two were from unknown locations.

During a press conference Saturday afternoon, Mayor Melvin Carter said he shared arrest data that he received in a police briefing that he later learned was inaccurate. 

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Meanwhile, in Minneapolis, there were a number of people arrested and charged between Friday and Saturday.

There were 27 riot arrests, with three people from out of state arrested. There was one aggravated assault arrest, and there were two damage to property arrests, with one person arrested from out of state.

Gov. Tim Walz has signed an executive order implementing a curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. Saturday into Sunday. During the curfew, nobody is allowed to travel on Minneapolis or St. Paul streets or public places, except for first responders, members of the media, people going back and forth to work, individuals seeking emergency care or fleeing danger and people experiencing homelessness.