‘It’s deeply unsettling’: South Minneapolis neighborhood frets over string of burglaries

South Minneapolis neighborhood frets over string of burglaries

South Minneapolis neighborhood frets over string of burglaries

A group of Minneapolis residents are beefing up security after a string of break-ins in their neighborhood.

Recently neighbors who live off West River Parkway in Minneapolis have been on edge.

“Our house was burglarized at four in the morning when me and my husband and my kids were upstairs sleeping,” Rebecca Kotnik said.

The incident was caught on camera last Tuesday in the early morning hours. People dressed in all black appear to be walking up to Kotnik’s home.

Someone smashed a window, came inside and stole her purse — and her sense of safety.

“I feel uncomfortable. I’ve been staying in different places,” Kotnik said.

The Minneapolis Police Department’s crime map shows at least four burglaries in the Cooper neighborhood in the past week.

That data does not include another break-in that happened early Sunday morning, according to neighbors.

“It’s just the fact that these guys are coming in night after night. It is very frustrating,” Peter Goss said.

Goss lives on the same block of the most recent burglaries.

“When somebody breaks in, even if it’s just to grab something and run, it’s deeply unsettling,” Goss said. “I can’t help but wonder when we’re going to be next.”

Kotnik is making sure her house is not a target for a second time by changing locks and increasing security.

“It could have been a lot worse, so I just keep that in mind,” Kotnik said.

Neighbors explained they’re frustrated with the process and wish more resources could be used to stop the break ins.

Minneapolis police said the incidents are under investigation.

MPD explained they evaluate crime trends on a regular basis and then allocate resources to address those issues.

Officials said some tips for neighbors are to lock doors, have good lighting in dark areas and cameras to help prevent break-ins.