Hundreds of artists show off their work at Uptown Art Fair

Uptown art fair begins in Minneapolis

Uptown art fair begins in Minneapolis

The Uptown Art Fair is officially underway in Minneapolis. Hundreds of artists filled the neighborhood looking to show off and sell their creations.

Manny Moreno’s art started as a simple idea and grew from there.

“I was just remodeling my backyard and needed some chairs. And I just like you know what, I’m gonna make one,” he said.

600 chairs later, Moreno is a third-timer at the annual event — and he’s produced work for the Vikings and the Twins.

“No chair that ever make is ever the same. That’s what’s unique about this at all. It keeps it fresh for me,” he added.

Another artist, Tonda Smith, calls her products “industrial with a twist.”

“I’m all about repurposing. I take old items, vintage antiques, and combine them with a little fun,” she said, adding: “I’ve always loved interior design. And so I wanted to combine the two and make something fun and functional.”

The Art Fair will end at 7 p.m. Saturday and reopen at 10 a.m. Sunday.