How to watch live coverage of the Derek Chauvin trial

TELEVISION — 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS will carry an ABC News Special Report starting Monday at 9 a.m. for extended opening arguments coverage, anchored by David Muir.

Full gavel-to-gavel coverage from ABC News Live will be available from a new Over The Air digital channel 5.8. Viewers may need to rescan their televisions to receive channel 5.8 after it launches on Monday morning.

STREAMING — 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS will offer both comprehensive, gavel-to-gavel coverage of the trial from ABC News Live, as well as a raw camera feed, delivered live, unedited and without commentary, as the jury will see it. CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE.

MOBILE — Download the KSTP mobile app to watch live coverage, see the latest developments and have breaking news updates sent to your mobile device. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

FULL COVERAGE — KSTP’s full coverage of the trial, and all events leading up to it, can be found on KSTP’s Chauvin Trial page.

LATEST UPDATES — You can also follow the latest updates in the case on our KSTP-TV Facebook page and KSTP Twitter feed. Follow KSTP reporters Ana Lastra, Eric Chaloux and Callan Gray for the latest details on what happens in the courtroom.