Hot weather not keeping horse lovers away from Minnesota Horse Expo

Many COVID-19 restrictions on big events have been lifted and the hot temperatures aren’t stopping people from getting together. Minnesota Horse Expo organizers tell Brandi Powell ticket sales are good and, for many vendors, it’s their first show of the year.

"It’s just great to get out and be around people," said Nancy Drumsta, a horse owner who lives in Buffalo.

"I’m thinking ahead to winter," Drumsta added, showing off a winter hat she purchased at the Minnesota Horse Expo.

On such a hot day, Drumsta said she wanted to be out at the event because, "It’s just a good place to see what’s new out there, in the industry."

"We’ve got free parade of breeds, so you can sit in the coliseum, which is air-conditioned, and watch different breeds parading through there," Jenny Buskey, the event manager for the Minnesota Horse Expo, said.

Buskey says some owners, who have horses with asthma, kept their animals home because of the high heat index values. But if you think the heat advisory is keeping horse lovers away from the expo, think again.

"The horse community… it’s not fun to ride when it’s hot or buggy, and on a super hot day, they’re going to want to leave their horses behind and come and shop," Buskey said.

Kathy Ronning, a horse owner from just north of Waverly, said, "It’s just a lot of fun to see what’s new every year."

Horse owners know no matter the temperatures, the show must go on.

"It’s too warm but we decided to come early," Ronning said.

Event organizers also noted the State Fairgrounds are built for hot weather, with indoor areas, shady spots and great "fan systems."

More than 300 horses are expected to be at the event, which runs through this weekend.