Historic Cold War aircraft makes overnight journey to Princeton hangar

Historic aircraft makes overnight journey to Princeton

The plane was moved overnight from Blaine to Princeton on the highway.

During the overnight hours, a historic Cold War aircraft moved to a new home.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS was there and tagged along as crews moved the plane from Blaine to Princeton as part of an effort to preserve the piece of history.

The Stoof Aircraft had to be moved by a house moving company as it was towed down the highway.

“It was nerve wracking, to say the least,” said Sharon Sandberg, the Executive Director of Flight Expo, an aviation consultant located in Princeton.

Many people are excited about saving the plane, given that it changed things for the better for the U.S. Navy during the Cold War.

One of the biggest threats to the Navy at that time was the number of Soviet submarines armed with strategic missiles. The plane was built as the first part of its kind made specifically to detect submarine equipment, revolutionizing anti-submarine warfare.

The plane’s trip to Princeton has been five years in the making after the museum the plane was at could no longer house the aircraft, putting it at risk of getting scrapped.

That’s when Flight Expo stepped up to fundraise more than $20,000 to move it, meaning a lot to those who flew the plane.

“It’s a plane I flew,” said Frank Huber, who used to fly this type of aircraft.

Now that the aircraft has arrived at its new destination, workers plan to restore it to flying condition.

Sandberg says they will likely have an open house later this summer for the public to view the plane. They are also fundraising for the plane’s move and the hangar. CLICK HERE to donate to their cause.

Watch the video above to see how crews moved the aircraft.