Here’s how to keep cool with extreme heat expected this week

Keeping cool this week

Keeping cool this week

As we prepare for a warm week ahead, people are already making plans to stay cool.

With air temperatures forecast in the high 90s and wet bulb globe temperatures in the 80s, the combination of heat, humidity and sun can be dangerous.

Dr. Collin Cousins, an emergency physician with Abbott Northwestern Hospital, says it’s smart to stay indoors as much as possible in the extreme heat.

But those who choose to brave the weather should be alert to signs of heat exhaustion. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

“So drinking water, getting out of the heat when you can, and stay in shade,” Cousins advised.

Parents should keep an eye on their kids in the excessive heat because they don’t sweat as easily as adults.

“If you have kids, keeping an eye on them, making sure their behavior is not changed and making sure their lips aren’t super dry, that they can make tears that their skin looks good,” Cousins said.

There are plenty of places around Minneapolis and Hennepin County to cool down, such as wading pools, beaches and water parks. Public buildings are also open for people who want to step inside for air conditioning.

A map of options to escape the heat is available on Hennepin County’s website.