Hennepin County strengthens COVID-19 vaccine requirement

Tuesday night, the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners voted to strengthen the county’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement.

The change means testing in lieu of vaccination will no longer be allowed unless an individual has an approved medical or religious accommodation.

The vaccine requirement applies to all employees, interns, students, trainees, licensed practitioners and volunteers, and will take effect on Feb. 4, 2022, for most staff, the board decided.

The COVID-19 policy for the county will be updated with more information at a later time.

According to the county, more than 85% of its staff is already vaccinated. Those who are vaccinated and already provided proof don’t need to take any other action with the new requirement. Those who are unvaccinated and have opted for regular testing must continue to test until they become vaccinated and provide proof.

It’s unclear what repercussions employees will face if they aren’t vaccinated by Feb. 4.

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