Growing number of students taking St. Cloud State cannabis classes

Growing number of students taking St. Cloud State cannabis classes

Growing number of students taking St. Cloud State cannabis classes

As the state works to get Minnesota’s cannabis industry up and running, there’s an ongoing effort to train the workforce at St. Cloud State University.

More than 300 students have enrolled in its cannabis certificate program since it started last year, according to Green Flower, which developed the curriculum.

There are five classes available: cannabis healthcare and medicine, cannabis agriculture and horticulture, the business of cannabis, cannabis compliance and risk management, and cannabis product development and design.

“We just added the cannabis product development and design program, which teaches people basically the manufacturing, formulation and product development side of the industry,” said Max Simon, the CEO of Green Flower.

He started the company in 2014 and it’s grown along with the industry.

“We started approaching schools in 2017 and pretty universally [were] laughed out of every room and now to be in 23 states and partnering with amazing institutions like St. Cloud, it’s pretty amazing,” said Simon. “I think something most people don’t understand is how complex the cannabis industry is today.”

Each class is fully online and takes six months to complete.

“If I hadn’t taken that class, I wouldn’t have my shop,” said Mary Wedin, owner of Wild Weed in St. Cloud.

She opened her store on April 8 after completing the cannabis business certificate program. Wedin sells CBD products and Delta 9 THC products, among others.

“I have stuff for anxiety, for pain, for inflammation,” said Wedin. “I think every day it gets a little busier.”

She decided to join Minnesota’s growing cannabis industry after losing her job in southern Minnesota. Wedin saw a post about a St. Cloud state program, where she could earn a business certificate in this field, and signed up.

“It really gave me the confidence I needed to open up the store, to stock the store, find the right products, look for the right products, find the right vendors,” said Wedin. “I went through the class and that’s why I have my shop today.”