Grant program helping give downtown Northfield facelift

One of Minnesota’s most historic communities is receiving a massive boost toward revitalizing its downtown.

The city of Northfield is helping give its downtown a facelift through a facade improvement grant.

This year, 13 building owners will take advantage of roughly $100,000 in grant money, with another quarter million in private investment.

Each business can get up to $10,000 to renovate.

"Get as many buildings improved as we can and make it less of a challenge and burden for those building owners to make those costs happen," said Nate Carlson, Northfield economic development coordinator. "Throughout the pandemic in Northfield, the retailers have been struggling, but we’re making improvements to make that recovery equitable and ensure the longevity of our community."

The grant program is part of Northfield’s strategic plan to strengthen, revitalize and sustain its downtown.