Gov. Walz tours ethanol plant, pushes increase in production

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Minnesota is the fifth largest ethanol producer in the nation, with 19 ethanol plants with the capacity to produce more than 1.4 billion gallons per year.

Governor Tim Walz is hoping the state will produce more ethanol in the years ahead.

“Our producers are right here,” said Gov. Walz on Friday while visiting an ethanol plant near Janesville, just east of Mankato. “We’ve got folks who are being hired in the local area. They’re producing fuel that’s consumed by us.”

Walz toured the Janesville-based ethanol plant, observing firsthand how corn is processed into ethanol for use in blended fuels.

Walz said ethanol-blended fuel is better for the environment, creates jobs and saves Minnesotans money at the gas pumps at a time when that is a huge added expense.

“When folks minds are on fuel prices, they need to know that ethanol has lowered those prices for years,” Walz said. “They’ve cleaned the environment. They’ve created jobs.”