Garden centers get creative for holiday weekend amid COVID-19 pandemic

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For many people, flowers for Easter and Passover are a tradition this weekend. But this year, because of the coronavirus pandemic, flower shops are getting creative to make sure you get your order while also maintaining your social distance.

Wagners Garden Center spokesman Larry Pfarr said Wagners in Minneapolis won't open up on the inside for another seven to 10 days. It has to rearrange the store to adhere to the governor's guidelines.

"It would be one way in, one way out. Aisles in the garden center would be one-way shopping, it means that limiting the number of people in the store at any given time, spreading the cash registers out, really rethinking the whole business," Pfarr said.

South Minneapolis florist works to keep customers, employees safe during COVID-19 this holiday weekend

It's not business as usual.

To practice social distancing, all you have to do is drive up to your zone, get out of your car, pick up your gardening supplies, hop back in your car and get on your way — you don't ever have to come in contact with an employee.

"I just need to brighten it up a little bit for Easter," said Wagners customer Cindy Forsgren.

Forsgren said her flowers will be used in her church's livestreamed service but added it'll be a much different holiday weekend ahead.

"It's like a garden every year, and people love it. But, of course, this year, we can't do that," Forsgren said.

But Wagners customers say they can still support their local garden center.

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"They need it, you know they have such a short season, you really think you want to support them, too," Jana Freiband, a customer, said.

As for what's best to pot at your home this holiday weekend, Pfarr recommends pansies.

"They can tolerate frosty nights — these can go outside right now," he said.

Pfarr said just stay away from potting warm-weather crops for now.