Future Chaska golf course designed for everyone, including those with disabilities

Golf can be a difficult game, but one city hopes to make it easily available to everyone.

The city of Chaska is partnering with a nonprofit to open a course for anyone to play, including those with a physical or mental disability.

The city-owned nine-hole golf course along Hazeltine Boulevard has begun its transformation from the "Chaska Par 30" into "The Loop at Chaska."

The nonprofit Barrier Free Golf has raised $750,000 and is teaming up with the city to help pay for the nearly $2.5 million project.

"Make it so that is accessible, barrier-free, more inclusive to more people so that’s it’s not just the same group," Kevin Wright, with the city of Chaska, said. "We still want to cater to the folks that use the course as it is currently, but we also want to make sure we bring new people and have them enjoy a city facility and have them enjoy Chaska as well."

The new course is set to open in the summer of 2022.