Frontline health care workers take part in Healing the Healers Canoe Days

Some health care workers who were on the front lines during the pandemic had the chance to relax Wednesday along the Saint Croix River.

They took part in a free trip from the group Healing the Healers Canoe Days.

The group gives health care workers a sense of peace after going through the trauma of the pandemic.

"A lot of it is a chance to is just let down for a little bit," founder Chris Heeter said. "Many people have said I haven’t had a chance to grieve, and I know I need to. When I first reminded them you’re here because all these people wanted to say ‘Thank you’ to you, they teared up. It’s powerful to be seen and appreciated in the midst of all of this."

More trips are planned for the next two months and space is available.

The group started a GoFundMe page to help pay for the trips.

If you’re a healthcare worker who would like to go on a trip email: