Fridley antique mall ready to reopen month after pipe break

Fridley antique mall ready to reopen month after pipe break

Fridley antique mall ready to reopen month after pipe break

A local antique and vintage mall in Fridley is back in business after devastating flooding forced them close last month.

Wild Things Antiques, the Wild Vintage Collective, and The Clapping Monkey House of Coffee are reopening on Saturday.

The owners think they saved about 95% of the merchandise thanks to a true team effort.

“I’d never seen water come out of one pipe so aggressively fast,” said Joshua Larson, Antique and Vintage Mall owner.

The mall features nearly 50 individual vendors who were all left wondering where to turn.

“As a kid, I went antiquing with my parents all the time, didn’t necessarily appreciate it that much then,” said Jen Vangstad, owner of Classy Vintage. “It started just as a little hobby and it’s grown and here we are.”

Vangstad is one of 49 dealers inside the 18,000-square-foot antique and vintage mall. But last month, generations worth of treasures nearly washed away.

“Water was gushing out of every door, it was pretty incredible,” Larson said.

“A really thick mud throughout the whole entire space,” he added.

Within 30 hours of that pipe breaking, volunteers helped them move everything out to start the cleanup.

“We had probably over 75 people over a three-day period of time that came in, it was like an assembly line. It was absolutely crazy,” Larson said.

“They just didn’t quit, even the first day we were here cleaning up, they were already thinking, ‘OK, how are we going to start back up?'” Vangstad said.

About a month later, the mall was ready to reopen.

“We were able to kind of re-imagine the space and the flow is really great,” Larson said.

“We’re back and it’s going to be even better,” Vangstad said.

The Wild Vintage Market is celebrating one year and its reopening this weekend. The festivities include a DJ, food trucks and a Christmas market.