Former St. Paul firefighter, World War II veteran celebrates 103rd birthday

103rd birthday surprise

103rd birthday surprise

St. Paul firefighters are celebrating their own.

Former firefighter and World War II veteran Howard Seitzer is turning 103 next week. In honor of his birthday, Seitzer’s family surprised him by taking him to St. Paul Fire Station 14, where members of the fire department showed him all the new equipment and celebrated with coffee and doughnuts.

“It’s one hell of a big surprise. I didn’t have any idea,” Seitzer said. “I didn’t even think I would deserve anything like this. … I have a wonderful family.”

Seitzer was on the St. Paul Fire Department in 1949 and retired in 1978. He hadn’t been back to a fire station since he retired.

When asked what the secret was to living this long, Seitzer said, “Vitamins… you don’t get enough in just your food.”