Flooding on St. Croix River forces unwelcome evacuations

Floods forcing family to evacuate home

Floods forcing family to evacuate home

Living along the St. Croix River causes many families to deal with flooding that impacts their day-to-day lives.

One mother in Lake St. Croix Beach says she’s getting ready to evacuate.

Sarah O’Connell lives about a block from a beach along the St. Croix River and knows what’s coming in the next few days.

Her house could become a danger zone.

Back in 2019 — during another severe flood — her street and basement went underwater.

It became a four-foot-deep wading pool and not one she really wanted.

The flooding was so bad that she had to shut off the electricity and leave her house for three months — with her two little kids.

With the river rising again this year, O’Connell said, “It looks like this is going to be another emergency housing situation for us… it’s just soul-crushing. It’s like, uh, here we go.”

Flooding had already started Friday in parts of Hudson, with sidewalks leading to nowhere and benches becoming their own little islands.

Parks have become splash pads and water is lapping in the parking lots.

The river is expected to go up another five feet by Monday.

O’Connell is waiting for the water; however, she feels a little more prepared this time.

Her furnace now hangs from the ceiling so it won’t get wet, and she has an industrial-strength dehumidifier. She also has bags ready to evacuate.

Washington County emergency management is urging people to stay away from the river shorelines in the coming days — because of how high the water’s getting and how fast it’s flowing.