Fireworks linked to St. Cloud convention center fire that caused $200K in damage

St. Cloud convention center damaged by fire

St. Cloud convention center damaged by fire

Authorities in St. Cloud believe fireworks may be to blame for starting a fire at a downtown building.

The fire broke out Tuesday morning on the roof of the River’s Edge Convention Center causing $200,000 in damage.

Investigators found used fireworks on the roof and are looking for suspects.

City officials credit a good Samaritan for calling in the fire, preventing further damage.

“We’re extremely grateful,” St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis said. “I always say this is something you were taught as a kid: You see something, say something. In this case no injury, no loss of life. We got some damage, but we’re fully going to be investigating and determine what the cause is.”

If you have any information about the fire, you’re asked to give St. Cloud police a call at 320-251-1200.