Farmers struggling with drought conditions despite spring flooding

Farmers concerned about possible drought

Farmers concerned about possible drought

After this year’s snowy winter, many were optimistic that Minnesota’s severe drought would come to an end.

But the latest drought report shows that much of the state is heading back to abnormally dry conditions.

“And then she turned dry, and very dry. We haven’t seen a good shower or rain for probably three weeks here right now,” said Scott Hoese, who runs a 1,150-acre farm in Carver County.

Hoese told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that this spring’s flooding has receded.

He said recently the rain has been so spotty that crops could be on their last reserves of soil moisture.

“The crops are doing fairly well yet, but I think another week or so in this hot weather like this, it’s going to take a toll on our crops,” he said.

With the topsoil being dry and dusty, Hoese says he has been digging deeper, but the moisture deep down in the soil isn’t even.

Through the drought conditions, Hoese is holding onto hope that rain is coming.

“You never know. We’re very optimistic it’s going to rain. We always hold that in our hearts that it’s going to rain someday. Maybe it won’t be for another 10 days, but any rain we get now or throughout the summer is beneficial to us,” he said.