Experts believe supply chain issues could affect Christmas tree shopping

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Christmas tree sales are expected to pick up now that Thanksgiving is over, but experts say you should plan to pay more this year, than what you might be used to.

The Associated Press reports that supply chain issues and increased demand could be to blame.

The day after Thanksgiving is always a busy one for Trent Johnson with B&J Evergreen.

"We’re on pace at a couple locations to potentially have a record day, which means a record amount of smiles," said Trent Johnson, owner of B&J Evergreen.

Another season of Christmas tree shopping comes as supply chain issues are having an impact on several industries, leading to shortages and higher prices.

"Some of our costs have gone up with the supply chain issues," Trent Johnson said.

Johnson admits it’s a combination of factors affecting them, especially considering these trees take about a decade to mature.

"A lot of it has to do with 10 years ago — people didn’t have enough room to plant, didn’t plant enough trees, and the drought around 2012 in the Midwest," Trent Johnson said.

Whether you’re looking for the real thing or even a fake tree, experts believe you could pay between 10-30% more this year.

"We try to stick with that inflationary increase," Trent Johnson said.

"The first three [lots] are ones we’ve gone to before and I thought the prices were more, they didn’t have as much variety," said Todd Hafermann, who lives in Minneapolis.

"I suppose we’re here on the early side of it as well which is kind of intentional, I don’t know what it’ll be like a week from now," said Tim Johnson of Minneapolis.

B&J Evergreen is confident they’ll have plenty of trees to fit every home this Christmas.

"Despite the lower supplies and a lot of different things that doesn’t change Christmas and doesn’t get to change what people get to share and experience," Trent Johnson said.

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