Events bringing new life to downtown Minneapolis

Events bringing new life to downtown Minneapolis

Events bringing new life to downtown Minneapolis

Thousands of people are hitting the streets and bringing new life to downtown Minneapolis this week for conferences and sports entertainment.

Target Center is hosting the Big Ten Women’s Basketball tournament for the second year in a row.

In the first week of March, the city is home to several large events that play into bringing foot traffic back to the heart of the city.

“I love the women’s basketball team. I love supporting them. They play really well,” a Purdue University band member said.

It’s another shot for downtown Minneapolis to make a comeback.

Thousands of people are filling the streets to attend events from the Big Ten Women’s Tournament to conferences and conventions.

“I see a vibrant energetic downtown, which is exciting to see. It’s been one of the busiest weeks we’ve had since a pandemic,” Adam Duininck, of the Minneapolis Downtown Council, said.

The Downtown Council said hotels are booked, restaurants are busy and the streets are bustling.

Officials said people will see more of Minneapolis Police and other security stationed throughout downtown for safety.

The goal is to draw people from inside and outside the city to the area.

“Even if you don’t go to the events, people still come downtown and participate in that energy,” Duininck said.

Employees are helping to bring that energy.

Target workers are back for their “one week per quarter” visit. U.S. Bank is also working in the office three days a week.

Some downtown workers said it’s still not what it used to be.

“Parking ramps are not filling up either from my perspective it’s a slow go to get people back into the office and downtown Minneapolis,” a downtown worker said.

Some see the foot traffic increase as a snapshot into the future and a dose of nostalgia as the city reimagines what downtown could be.

“Last few weeks, it has been more like pre-pandemic up in the skyways so it’s really exciting,” a downtown patron said.

This week’s events are just a few of many planned for the month of March.

The Minneapolis International Festival is this weekend.

Target Center will host the Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament next week.