Demand for bikes kicks into high gear, but supply chain poorly oiled

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Bicycle shop owners are struggling to keep up with the demand for bikes that has continued to increase since the start of the pandemic.

With temperatures and gas prices both on the rise, bikers like Zach Kezer are keeping their cars in park.

“It’s so nice to hop on a bike, go around the lakes and enjoy the day,” Kezer said.

One bike shop warehouse worker said the supply chain is unreliable.

“There’s bikes that we got ordered two years ago that are just still coming through right now,” Dallas Peters said. “There’s obviously a supply chain issue, so people are forced to get something they don’t want.”

Some bike shops in the metro explained they’re doing their best to keep up with the demand, but the inventory is a hit or miss.

“We’re having some orders that we’ve been waiting for like years to come in,” said Christina Montoya, marketing coordinator for The Hub Bike Co-op.

Montoya said they found a solution at The Hub Bike Co-op by building some bikes from the ground up, but the parts shortage has thrown a wrench in the process.

Montoya mentioned small bike shops might have a more difficult time getting inventory than larger stores.

She said the best thing customers can do during a bike search is to call ahead or check online.

“That’s the greatest thing about 2020. A lot of us went online and have online stores, and having the different sizes right there for you is super easy,” Montoya said.