Childhood friends who reconnected on Metro Transit bus celebrating 14 years of marriage

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Allen and Michelle Juaire’s love story can’t be traced back to a dating app, dive bar or friend-of-a-friend introduction.

The Ramsey, Minn. couple found their “forever” on a Metro Transit bus.

Growing up, the two attended the same church, and Michelle admitted to having a crush on Allen that lingered when he left for college.

Years later, Michelle stepped onto a Metro Transit bus Allen was driving. He’d just started his shift around 2 p.m., and Michelle recognized her old friend immediately.

Before they knew it, it was past 10 p.m., and Allen invited Michelle to dinner as his shift came to a close.

“She kept dropping me a lot of hints that night,” Allen said. “Flat out at dinner, I just asked her out.”

It’s safe to say that bus ride never ended; the two married two years later in 2009.

Present day, Allen still works for Metro Transit as a dispatcher, and Michelle is the one driving buses. They have multiple kids and recently celebrated their 14th anniversary.

Their Metro Transit connections have expanded, and their coworkers enjoy waving to their 1-year-old baby.

“She’s got a few bus driver aunties and uncles who come to see her,” Michelle said.

During a special Valentine’s Day lunch, the couple told KSTP’s Chris Reece they do a “handoff” each day as Allen ends his shift and Michelle begins hers. Michelle brings Allen lunch, they eat together, and Michelle leaves the baby with Allen.

The daily lunch is also their time to catch up, as opposite shifts make for a non-traditional home schedule.

“The key to a successful relationship in my eyes is communication,” Michelle said. “Communication, always.”