Chef at The Hewing Hotel thinks outside the ‘to-go’ box

At the Hewing Hotel in Minneapolis, they are thinking outside the ‘to-go’ box.

They have moved the beds out and dining tables into individual guestrooms for a private, indoor dining experience that’s COVID-19 friendly.

They started the experiment in December using three rooms, two nights a week. The concept has become so popular, they have expanded to 14 rooms, four nights a week.

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"I think people just want to get out. A lot of people also want to support the industry during an uneasy time. It’s helped the dining public’s sanity, as well as ours," said Chef Nyle Flynn.

The concept has become so popular it’s being adopted at hotels in Detroit and Kansas City.

The program at the Hewing Hotel will last through January, and possibly beyond. The cost starts at $110 per person, plus a room rental fee.

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