Call leads Brooklyn Park police to find victim of alleged assault, kidnapping on caller’s roof

The Brooklyn Park Police Department is investigating an alleged assault after they say they found a man on a caller’s roof overnight Wednesday.

According to an alert sent by police, officers went to the 7900 block of Brunswick Avenue North after someone called about noises on the roof of their house.

When police arrived, they found a 48-year-old man on the caller’s roof.

The 48-year-old man claimed he was trying to get away from his captors. Police say the man used a ladder that was next to the house to get onto the roof, but don’t know why he decided to climb up to evade his captors.

The man went on to tell police he had been held against his will and assaulted by people – later identified as other adults he knew – at a nearby home. Officers say they found duct tape around the man’s legs and an injury on his head that was consistent with possibly being hit by a hard object. The man said he had been hit with the handle of a pistol.

Officers then went to a home on the 8000 block of Zane Avenue, where the man claimed the incident happened.

When police got everyone out of the home, they learned the suspects had already left.

Police are investigating and say they obtained a warrant and searched the scene for evidence, adding there is no public threat at this time.

Currently, no one is in custody and no description of the suspects were immediately provided.