Majority of MnDOT snowplow voters want ‘Betty Whiteout’ to ‘travel down the road and back again’

The eight new names that will be given to Minnesota Department of Transportation snowplows have been announced.

The most popular name — Betty Whiteout — received more than 40,000 votes and nearly 19,000 more than the second most popular name, Ctrl Salt Delete.

Below are the eight winners and the areas in which those newly named snowplows will operate:

  • Betty Whiteout – District 8
  • Ctrl Salt Delete – District 7
  • The Big Leplowski – District 4
  • Plowasaurus Rex – Metro District
  • Scoop Dogg – District 3
  • Blizzard of Oz – District 2
  • No More Mr. Ice Guy – District 1
  • Edward Blizzardhands – District 6

Sir Plows-a-Lot, which received more than 10,600 votes, fell short of the last spot by 58 votes. Sir Plows A Lot also finished ninth in last year’s contest.

After MnDOT trimmed the list of finalists to 50, voting ran from Jan. 19 through Jan. 26. Final vote totals can be seen here.

MnDOT says it will post more information on its social media pages after the winning names are placed on the snowplows.