As Minnesota sports teams prepare to welcome back fans, finding a ticket may be harder than you think

Minnesota sports teams are getting ready to welcome fans back.

The Twins, Wild and Timberwolves are all selling a limited amount of tickets to meet COVID-19 capacity requirements.

What will fewer tickets mean for the demand on the secondary market?

Twins, Timberwolves announce ticket sale plans

Michael Nowakowski, owner of Ticket King, says he’s only allowed to resell Twins tickets and demand will be based on the weather.

"The Wild you actually need to log on to your season ticket account when you go to the venue to use the tickets, so there not allowing resale. And from I understand right now the Timberwolves aren’t either," Nowakowski said. "We’ll see great demand if the forecast says it’s going to be 55 or 60 and sunny. I think people will be clamoring just to do something. Just sort of like a normal year if it’s rainy and crappy out there’s not going to be a ton of demand."

Nowakowski compares this time with right after 9/11 when he said some people were afraid to return to sporting events.