Arradondo says 7 employees have resigned since Floyd death

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Tuesday, the chief of the Minneapolis Police Department addressed the number of employees who have resigned since the death of George Floyd.

As of May 25, a total of seven employees have resigned from the force, according to Police Chief Medaria Arradondo. The chief said there have been a total of 19 resignations since the beginning of the year.

Arradondo said he does not expect the resignations to "negatively impact our public safety for the city of Minneapolis." 

The chief said the frustration felt in the department at this time is valid. 

"They're going to be frustrated," Arradondo said. "A lot has occurred since May 25, and a lot more will occur. So I need to make sure I continue to support them." 

Arradondo also took the time to ask the public not to interfere with officers, even though he understands those in the community are experiencing "grief, pain and frustration." 

"Officers have recently experienced situations that have become problematic," the chief said. "We've had officers who have had bottles and rocks thrown at them while they've been trying to administer Narcan to community members who have overdosed. We've also had instances where our police and EMS personnel crews have been interfered with while trying to perform life-saving measures." 

Arradondo's address can be watched in the video box above.