Arik Matson leads small parade on Officer Arik Matson Day, family says

Family members gave a joyful update on the Waseca Police officer who was shot in the head early last month.

According to Arik Matson's CaringBridge page, the officer is "super excited" for the day dedicated to him. Officials had designated Feb. 22 Officer Arik Matson Day to reflect Matson's "222" badge number. 

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"He keeps waving his blue line flag and telling everyone it's Arik Matson day! He even led his own parade today as we cheered him on," the family said in the CaringBridge post. 

It went on to note that Matson is continuing to work with occupational therapists on daily tasks and hand-eye coordination, along with speech therapy on memory and speaking. 

"He's in good spirits and has been cracking jokes the last few days," the post reads. "It's been good to see him smiling and laughing!"